Saturday, August 21, 2010

Little Crochet Bags

 I can't believe I said I would never learn how to crochet!
 I've learned one fun crochet project after the other.
The bag on the right has a round bottom made by connecting a tight chain. The round bottom is made the width you'd like, by adding evenly spaced stitches as you go around the entire circle. When you have the size you want just crochet the stitches you have without adding more. Crochet round until you have the height you want.

The bag on the left is made by making a chain the width you'd like the bag and then crocheting around the entire chain. When finishing the first side add 2 extra stitches into the last stitch and do the same on the second side.  Continue crocheting these same stitches without adding any more until you have the height you'd like.

Great night time project!

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