Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bracelets & Kittys

It's nice to have several projects to go back and forth with. I've been doing a lot of beading as you can see.
And I'm still working on crocheted bags. They're nice to take with you in the car and for the waiting room.
I also had another 2 strand pearl bracelet to make that I believe came out nice.
I like the dangly beads on the bracelets and I've been having fun with pearls.
It appears as though the kittys are getting along, but you shouldn't be fooled! In between everything I have to make sure to play with them. They aren't as needy as dogs but they still want attention!


  1. Simon looks like Skittles's baby! Covet the ottoman...

  2. Karen, I was the 2nd double-strand pearl bracelet and it is beautiful! You do a wonderful job. Thanks, A.

  3. A, I'm so glad you like the pearls you've encouraged me to do better pieces!

    Monkeyhouse can't have the ottoman the kittys would miss it!