Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remembering Peep Peep

I don't recommend that you become the baby bird rescuer in your neighborhood but every once in while it works out. Trust me, I put a lot of work into this little one. I had to feed him Alpo off my finger! This was years ago, I was still in high school.

Everyday I watch the robins in my neighborhood and think of him. I'll always have a soft spot for robins. Look how young my leg looks! That day he was learning how to find worms.

This is Peep Peep taking a bath on a paper plate.

This is the little peepster we found a couple years back, on the ground, in our heavily populated feral cat community. We put him up in a box and his mom found him.

These are the baby squirrels my son found when my neighbor had the tree trimmers out. You don't want to know how far they fell! We called a squirrel rescue and they told us how to get them through the night. Next morning we put them up in the same tree for their mother to find. She was a bit dim so I put pecans all around them. That did the trick. I've lost many baby birds trying to save them, it's not foolproof. You always want to let their parents care for them if they're around. Every once in a while we can help out!

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