Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Size

Over the weekend I felt like doing something thick & quick. I got out my US #35 knitting needles, some Wool Ease Thick & Quick and some multicolored chunky yarns I had left over. I like the way a jersey knit rolls into a tube so that's what I did with 8 stitches on my needle. A couple hours is all it took to make a scarf over 60" long. That's called quick accomplishment!

My inspiration for all this was a blog post I saw from Craftzine. A rug knitted with #35 needles that looked like grass. Well I had the needles and I had 1 skein of green Thick & Quick, but that weren't gonna get it done. I did experiment with the loop stitch that created the grass. It took a little while to figure out. Then I took that energy and made a couple scarves.

It would take 11 skeins of yarn to make the rug but only 2 skeins to make a scarf. You have to see the rug though it's on the Craftzine web site at and at Lion Brand's web site where you can download it for free by becoming a member, which I highly recommend. I think I told you that already.

The rug can be a future project!

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