Monday, May 10, 2010

Granny Squares

My escape to friend Charlene gave me a young peoples kit for how to crochet. She had recently been turned onto the magic of granny squares and wanted me to join her. I had told her that I was a knitter and unlikely to ever figure out crochet. I take the train to see her so I have 2 hours to waste going up. The way up I listened to music and on the way back I learned to crochet. Not granny squares mind you but I got the fever. Thank the Lord for YouTube. I guess I'm a visual learner cause it didn't take long to figure it out. I realize that being a knitter helped because they're just stitches whether they're all worked on a needle or picked up with a hook. The above squares are my first, done with my little girl hook, which I love!

These I've been working on because they remind me of my grandmom. By the way I just learned (YouTube), how to connect the squares as you can see.

Either Skittles is hungry or curious.

I'm so pleased to have this new hobby, thanks Charlene! Oh, by the way Skittles wound up staying through out this posting and gave herself a bath in my lap.

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  1. CharleneMay 17, 2010

    You go, freakazoid! You'll have to come back and show me how you joined up your grannies, I'm not happy with how I'm doing it.

    Dig those colors!