Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Copper Beaded Chain Day 1

When you're trying something new it's best to find cheaper materials to practice on. You may not like the new craft or you may need to practice a lot before you get it. Just like the teddy bears! Being given a length of stranded copper is even better.

You will want to cut the wire between 1 1/2" - 2". If you don't have access to this type of wire you can buy copper wire in a 22 gauge at the craft store or you could even use copper head pins and cut off the heads.

We'll start with round nose pliers, I'm down about 1/2".

Round the wire over the pliers.

At this point sometimes I find I need to reposition my work...

...and put it back on the pliers to twist.

The flat nosed pliers press it down nice.

And there you go. Gosh, I made it look easy. I must be honest, remember that practice I was talking about, you'll need it. If your loop isn't round, shove it back on your round nosed pliers again. If it's not flat take the flat nosed pliers to it.

You are ready for your first bead!

More tomorrow.


  1. CharleneMay 05, 2010

    Say, you do make that look easy! That's a swell necklace, I love the copper wire.

    You almost seem like the kind of person who could teach herself how to crochet a granny square...

  2. Hi,
    I adore copper and work with it all the time. It's so great to work with and perfect for practice but makes very salable jewelry too. I'm headed over to see your 2nd and 3rd entries. I want to see the chain finished. What kind of beads are you using?
    If you like copper you might like to check out
    Have fun.