Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Necklaces

Today I pulled my necklace making stuff out again. Yes I said again because the first time I pulled it out I discovered that the crimps I bought were not going to thread a double thickness of cotton. I don't like the thought of knots coming undone so I went with crimps and I'll show you what I did.

For this project I bought some waxed cotton, charms, beads, lobster claw clasps, closed jump rings (I'm afraid open ones will open) and crimps with the largest hole I could find. The crimps I bought also made nice beads.

You will want to set up your pattern so you're organized.

I started by putting my jump ring on and securing it with a crimp. That wasn't easy. I had to figure out a way to get the cotton back through the crimp.

That's when I pulled out the thin wire. Two inches of thin wire folded in half.

I took the cotton back through the crimp using the wire. Pull the wire with pliers.

Well that's the hard part!

The crimp is pinched with pliers.

It's not going anywhere.

You can string your beads and charms now but do yourself a favor and double check it before you fasten the clasp!

The lobster clasp is put on the same way.

Once everything is in place you can cut the cotton close to the crimps.

Simple, fun and easy.

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  1. Oh, cool, flower necklaces! I love those big flowery featured pendant beads! Very Alice in Wonderlandy (but I haven't seen the new movie yet).