Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My First Pattern

Up to now I have been heavily modifying patterns knowing that one day I would need to make one of my own. Well, I've done it and I'm quite happy so far. Mind you it still may not work but we're going in the right direction.

The drawing in the center was my first step. Visualizing a cat as a stuffed animal. Again using aspects of a real cat to make it look more cat like. My model lives with me. But in this project I'm going for a kitten look. A curious little kitten to be precise.

This drawing is small and I wanted to use it to make my pattern pieces, so what do I do? I put it on my scanner, got it up on my desktop, adjusted the size right on my screen and placed a piece of tracing paper right over top of it. I use a very light hand but I trace right off my screen.

The head was a little more work I had to play around with it and the gusset for a while until they looked like they would work. Even then I wouldn't know until I got them sewed up!

Next I like to put my traced pieces on cardboard. A friend of mine gave me tons of cardboard that separated name tags. Recycling at it's best! I have a roll of carbon paper that I use all the time to transfer my pieces.

This is my new pattern which looks good so far.

My pieces are cut out and I've sewn up the head. Gilbert said it looks like a kangaroo head. I think it looks kitten like. You'll notice the safety eyes in the picture, I thought I'd check them out for this project. Now you know what I'll be doing for the next couple days.

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