Monday, February 22, 2010

We Need Structure

Once I made squirrel's tail I wondered what to do with it. I could stuff it and sew it on at the top and bottom. I could leave it flat and sew it on. But I thought it might be fun to have a tail you could have up or down. So I started thinking wire.

I didn't want it too hard like electrical wire. I did have some floral wire and for strength I used 2 pieces. I needed the place where the wires connected out of the way and secured.

I put that joint at the bottom and wrapped it in electrical tape.

The taped end gets sewed to his bottom.

I used embroidery thread and secured it with several stitches.

Once the wire was in place I sewed his tail on as though it were an ear.

There are many ways to handle a project like this, even someone at the craft store was giving me ideas. How cool is that! He's a prototype, it only gets better after him.


  1. Is that my roll of electrical tape? If so, we not only need structure, but also *personal boundaries*. Sheesh.

  2. Oh and how come *my* blog ain't on that list to the right, huh?

  3. Oh I have a very special place for your blog darling.