Friday, February 19, 2010

Squirrel Tails

What do you do with a tail pattern and a hunk of fur?

After much thought I traced my pattern in the middle of the fur.

And on either side.

Leaving them connected in the center.

Like so.

When you cut long fur remember to only cut the backing material so you don't cut the fur on the top. Here I also trimmed the sides, leaving me half the width of the tail, plus seam allowance on both sides.

After folding it in half, front sides facing, I ran it through the sewing machine.

The 4 angled edges also get sewed. I made sure to push the fur in before sewing.

Mr. Squirrel's tail is pinned on right now. I'm messing around with the idea of a piece of wire inside. So many variables!

Anyway his ears turned out better than I thought.

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