Monday, February 1, 2010

I Was Asked About Bunnies

This is the pile I sent off the other day. My friend asked if the bears could be converted to bunnies. The strangest thing happened though, when I pulled back the ears on a couple of my bears and put a bunny ear on their head instead they screamed, I'm a bear. When I took an extra bear head, without ears, out of my drawer and stuck the bunny ears on it, it said bunny. Once a bear always a bear. You'll notice I'm sending her that difficult material I told you about. Boy did it give me no end of problems. Normally I wouldn't give a first time animal maker the hard stuff, but she's quite skilled.

Included is a pattern with bunny ear.

This is where I am on the prototype now but don't ohhh and awww yet!

I'm not gonna take you through the whole process but I will give you any tips that I can. I'm still learning myself!

I made the decision to hand sew the entire bunny because this stuff would not stay in one place or behave itself. I'm thinking about using fusible interfacing next time. Has anyone tried it before???

Tomorrow I'll show you how I sewed the head. It'll give you a better idea of how you can work with this kind of fabric.

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  1. You called me skilled! Thanks! You're delusional!