Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Focus On The Fur Not The Bunny

It's easy to make a bunny, it's the fur we're having trouble with. It's the fur material that you can buy locally at the craft/fabric store that has the nylon knit backing on it. I'm still recommending plush felt, but if you've found the softest, most wonderful fur, with this nylon knit backing, that you just have to make a bear or bunny with, here's a few things I've learned so far.

Pin, pin, pin.

Move along and pin some more.

Here I'm centering the gusset to the sewn side pieces.

The first side I sew, I always sew straight to the back. Notice how close the pins are.

The first side's done, so far so good.

The second side I leave an opening for stuffing and joining about an inch up from the back.

You wouldn't even know if it were machine sewed or hand sewed with that back stitch!

I'll show you how I make his ears tomorrow.

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