Monday, February 15, 2010

Bunnies vs Rabbits

I really want to make my own patterns but the thing that gets me is the head. I can pretty much visualize everything else. So I continue to heavily modify. I found a rabbit pattern that I can play with.

When I asked you folks about what other animals were black, squirrels were brought up. Do you have black squirrels in your neighborhood?

Above I've been messing around with that rabbit pattern. I'm pleased so far with the results. When making or modifying a pattern for a particular animal I strongly suggest that you find a couple pictures of that animal. There are certain nuances that animals possess that can really make your stuffed animal more like that animal. You can certainly get across bunny with a couple of long ears on his head, but you add shorter arms and hoppy legs and you get a rabbit.

My rabbit pattern will make an excellent squirrel so a tail will need to be made and probably some longer black fur purchased for it.

Now that I finally have everyone off to work or school I'm gonna sit at my sewing machine and sew my brown bear and black squirrel. Hopefully the changes I've made will work!

It's always hard tracing on the dark materials.

Here I have my work all cut out for me.

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