Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jointing and Stuffing Continued

I'm showing you here how you'd like your felt pad to fit. Too big and it will distort the shape of the bear, too small and it will feel flimsy.

We have our pieces partially stuffed so now we'll work on the joints. Below I've used my ice pick to make a small hole where my mark is on my piece. Now you need to know about your joint.

To start: 1 screw - 1 washer - 1 felt pad (in this order)

The screw, washer and pad go on the inside of the fabric, paper comes off the pad. The sticky side of the pad goes against the fabric and the screw goes through. On the outside, only the screw is sticking out. Confusing, that's why I have lots of pictures.

OK, turn your body right side out, use your ice pick to make small holes where your arms and legs will go. You have limbs that go on the left and limbs that go on the right. Make sure your arm isn't going to face backwards.

With your screw sticking out of the piece you just had, here I have an arm, insert the screw into the hole you just made through the body.

You have: 1 felt pad, 1 washer, 1 locknut (in that order)

Take the paper off your felt pad and with sticky side going against the fabric put the pad through the screw. The washer goes on next and then the locknut. Hand tighten locknut for now, you'll need your nutdriver.

Nutdriver on locknut side and screw driver on screw side will tighten this joint. Here's the goal, this joint wants to be firm, not tight, not loose. Check this by swinging your arm back and forth as you are tightening. Normally you can check how far your screw came through the locknut on your first joint and do the rest of your joints the same.

One done, three more to go. For me this is the fun part!

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