Wednesday, January 13, 2010

His Head and Stuffing

This is where you want to be after yesterday. Arms and legs part way stuffed, attached to the body. The body open so you can work on attaching the head. We have some prep work to do on the head and if you have an open topped body you will follow along with these instructions for that also.

This step requires a heavy thread. I've used dental floss, silk thread and quilters thread. I prefer to use something that matches the fabric, though it's not really necessary. It does need to be heavy duty thread though. The stitch I'm taking around the open bottom edge of the head is a running stitch. You use this stitch when you want to gather fabric. I'm stitching the same distance as I stitched the seams. I start in the back of the head so that I'm finishing in the back. Again if your body is open at the top do the same for it.

Once you've stitched around put one thread under the other and pull the opposite way to gather the material. It should be gathered tightly, but don't pull your guts out. You'll only break the thread and have to sew your running stitch all over again. I've done this a thousand times. Oh, once you've pulled it tight hold it down and knot several times. Leave an inch of thread and cut the rest. You can now turn your head right side out.

You are ready to join the head to the body.

You can start first with either the head or the body. I prefer to start in the body.

Remember on my body I left a couple stitches missing at the top so I could insert the screw. 1 screw, 1 washer, 1 felt pad (in that order). With the screw through the washer and pad, take the paper off the pad and put the sticky side on the fabric. The screw is now sticking out of the top of the body.

Here's what it looks like inside the top of the body.

Here's what it looks like on the outside.

Place the head, through the small hole left after gathering, over the screw. Place 1 felt pad, sticky side towards the fabric, 1 washer on that and then your locknut. Hand tighten for now. Get out you screw driver for the screw side, your nutdriver for the locknut side, tighten. I like my head a little tighter than my limbs. Check as you go.

Here he is. You can now stuff the rest of him. The same problem I have with getting the hands and feet firmly stuffed I have with the nose. Make sure you firmly stuff the nose before you stuff a lot of fiber fill into the rest of the head. Now here's the thing, you can't go light on the stuffing. You have to really pack it in. Take your time, you really want it firm and practically popping out of the seams. This does make it difficult to sew but it does compress.

Ah, the hand sewing part, that'll be a treat! Don't worry I have back-up for tomorrow.

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