Thursday, January 7, 2010

His Head

I found out what this fabric is called today, it's a loopy felt. It will be with the plush felt. I had to keep myself from buying more. I had other things I needed! I'm gonna try my hand at reupholstering a foot stool. A winter project.OK, you have your sewed together head piece and gusset above.

Hopefully you can see how I've pinned the gusset to the head. Start at the nose and go around both sides to make sure it's fitting right.

Right here at the nose is were we're gonna start. No, don't head over to the sewing machine. Get out your needle and thread because we have to hand sew his nose. A back stitch is in order here. Why do we have to hand sew the nose? If you machine sew, the fabric in this precarious place will move and your nose will be crooked. The first noses I did by machine came out crooked every time. Listen, let me be honest, even when I hand sew this area the noses seem to come out crooked. But it comes out better if you hand sew. Below you can see how much I did, not the whole head, just around the nose.

You can continue to hand sew the head. I did the rest on the machine. Sew one side front to back, the other side needs an opening for joining and stuffing. You'll want about an inch sewed in the back, an inch and half to two inches for your opening, then sew to meet your hand stitches. The size of your opening would depend on the size of your bear. The picture below shows the opening.

We'll work on the felt for the feet next.

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