Friday, January 8, 2010

Felt Feet

OK, it took forever to download these pictures! Your pattern will come with a piece for the bottom of the foot or the pad. In a perfect world this piece will fit perfectly on your bears foot. Mine don't always fit so I make the pad myself. The picture below shows you how you can measure for this piece. I generously measure the length of the foot and mark the felt. The second picture below shows you that I made a square of this measurement and cut it in half for 2 foot pads.

These pictures are showing you how I pinned the felt onto the bottom of the feet. I start at the ends and gently spread out the sides. The main goal here is to have the same width for both feet.

Here's another time that doing a combination of machine and hand sewing will give you a much better result. In the past when I machine sewed all the way around I would end up with pointy feet. He's not an elf! Machine sew the sides and back stitch the tops and bottoms.

Once you are all sewed up trim the extra felt along the edge of the fabric seam.

Wow, now we're ready for the fun part. Get out your chop stick and I'll get out my new drill!

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