Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Rejected Button Bouquet

The original instructions were for a button bouquet but the bridesmaids would have silk sunflowers with white flowers. After making up the silk flower bouquets I found a way to combine both these looks. I feverishly started cutting circles of white tulle and singeing yellow fabric. (Not over dramatic at all.) I used a yarn and wool felted ball base. (Also from a rejected idea, are you seeing a trend?) I used strong thread to sew the button flowers in place. I cut a piece of red dogwood with the bark intact and sprayed it with a poly coat. I made the end that goes in the ball pointy and then dug a hole in the ball to fit it. An exacto, small scissors and tweezers helped with hole making. The leaves are from the sunflowers and were hot glued in place. They were then neatly covered with the satin ruffle and a bow added under that. I'm waiting for further instructions from my lovely bride-to-be. Will I use these flowers on the table or will she want others???
She told me she was easy to work with... sheesh.

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