Monday, June 3, 2013

Making A Ribbon Mermaid Party Favor

 Here we go, the blue rectangles are cut from a plastic kitchen cutting mat. I would have preferred using clear but the store didn't have it. No biggie! All piece measurements will be at the bottom of this post.
 Cream ribbon covers the body. You will be singing the ends of all pieces so that they do not fray. Don't bother using anything but hot glue or you will be holding pieces together all day!

 Smaller cream ribbons are cut, singed and glued to form a circle for the head.
 Glue at one end of your body.
 Singe and glue the bikini top in the back, it goes below the head.

Glue arms at a right angle(don't singe yet).
A diagonal cut is made on both sides...
 and edges carefully singed.
 Arms are glued on the bikini top at the back.

 A long green piece is glued at the bottom, back for the end of the tail...
 and carefully crossed over in the front and glued again.
 This is the top of the tail that's first singed at the ends...
 crossed over and glued.
 Diagonal cut the tail ends and singe.

Puff paint eyes.
Making cardboard measuring templates helps with all the cutting.
 A pencil really helps with the hair placement.
 A gem finishes her off.
 Finished mermaid with either a pin or magnet.
I eventually made 60 of them.

plastic base: 2"x 3/8ths"
grosgrain ribbon
cream or flesh body: 2 1/2"x 3/8ths"
cream or flesh head: 1 3/4"x 3/8ths"
cream or flesh arms: 2"x 3/8ths"
pick your color bikini top: 1"x 1/4"
green bottom tail: 3"x 3/8ths"
green top tail: 1 3/4's"x 3/8ths"
orange hair: 2 3/4's"x 3/8ths"
Have fun!

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