Saturday, March 9, 2013

So Sad So Sweet

In many of my posts I've shared the amazing fun volunteer work I've done with second graders in the Upper Darby School District. I started this when Gilbert my son was in the second grade. Above is his wonderful second grade teacher. Barb is the only reason he made it though his first year in school!
Gilbert's teacher always worked with a second teacher Sharon who I would also spend classroom time with. Last year, after working for 30+ years these wonderful teachers retired.

Barb and I now have a wonderful weekly walking schedule and last summer Sharon made sure she spent as much time at the beach with her family as possible. This was a wise move on her part because Sharon knew she wasn't well.

In the fall Sharon started seeing doctors and the prognosis wasn't good. All through the fall and winter her husband kept their house open to all their family and friends and there was always a steady stream of visitors.

I will always have a wonderful remembrance of this wonderful woman because she gave her last breath on my birthday. It won't be sad, it will be sweet because she was strong, moral, able, passionate in her love for her family and was a dear friend to so many.

Helping a class of grade schoolers is a wonderful way to give back. You can check out the Dr Seuss label on the right-hand side of the page. Below are other posts about wonderful second graders:

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