Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skulls for the Library

I got a distress call yesterday...
 skulls were needed for my friends up coming library project...
 could I help!
 As you can see I got to work.
 Smooth as a babies bottom, well not really but close enough.
 For this project I used an entire loaf of bread.
 Here I'm beginning my skull shape.
 These wooden balls are perfect for the eye sockets!
 I found my pinky nail made a great nose space.
 So far so good...
 just need to shape the jaw and teeth area.
I used some reference but as you can see they all look a bit different.

white bread with crusts removed
white glue(not school glue)

my glue was thick so I added a little water to it
adjust ingredients for dryness/stickiness

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  1. Nice! I would to put black edible things in the eye sockets., too :) Thank you for sharing, Karen.

  2. I love these, what a great idea, and recipe, thanks.

  3. Lea, I should look into the holiday more. We do like reading the Halloween Tree which talks about Day of the Dead.

    Joanne, what are you planning on making with your dough???