Sunday, October 7, 2012

Holly Lends Itself to Burnishing

My new favorite wood to work with.
I tend to dislike anything that stabs me in the garden...
 but now I have a new appreciation.
While working with the holly Y's I noticed the wood was very different, it tended to fray especially when I filed it.
But I also noticed, when it was rubbed hard, it shined as though it had a gloss coat on it. 
Wow, so I kept rubbing! I used cut-offs of the holly at first... 
 but then got the job done with a big screw driver!
On the left, white and frayed and on the right shiny and smooth.
I wish all wood was like this!


  1. Shiny indeed! Love the texture :)

  2. Wow! We cut down some big holly trees, I've never known anyone to do anything with the wood but burn it.
    This is very pretty! I love the look of it.