Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Little Joy

Since you mentioned her Joanne I am very happy to share our joy. Heather won't let her out of her sight. That's little Stella in the center, the whole reason I'm not a retired bear maker. She came to us as a blessing and Red Bear comes from the same pattern. They are reproductions of an old bear.

Stella comes from my favorite bear maker Joanne Livingston, an artist that makes reproduction bears and realistic bears. She's someone who, like those I mentioned the other day, is generous about sharing her work and process on her blog. I never would have started making bears without blogs like hers.... didn't even know you could! It will take some time before I'm tackling a bendable real looking bear though!

Anyway you'll find Joanne at:

She's been a great friend.


  1. Thank you Karen. They all so look so happy together as a family.

  2. thanks for the link, I used to collect teddy bears, these are so cute!! I can tell they are well made, going to have to check her link out!