Friday, May 25, 2012

Always Had Handmade

(Amy and Me)
After yesterdays post I started thinking about all the capes and ponchos my grandmom made us. Beautiful capes and crocheted ponchos often with matching dresses every Easter. 
Add that to all the doll clothes she made us.

Going through pictures I found that we were often dressed in homemade clothes. These were from both sides of my family.  From dad's mom were the sewn and crocheted items and from my mom's side knitted items. It's no wonder I love these hand crafts so much!
(Knit vests, sorry Amy I didn't want to look silly by myself!)
Thanks for making me think about all this Joanne, I hadn't realized how much work had gone into dressing us. 


  1. Yes, I always had crocheted ponchos, and I loved them. Now I see them everywhere, and I love them again.

    My goodness you and your sister look so much alike in the last picture, it is like looking at the same kid. Lucky you both with that gorgeous hair.