Friday, December 9, 2011

Bear Claws

 Faux bear claws that is.
 We decided to recycle some antler tips.
And we know 2 little boys who might enjoy these for Christmas!


  1. Dext was just talking about bear claws yesterday, I'm not even joking! I asked if he meant the donut-like treat, he said no, he meant a big handful, a way to hold a lot of marbles.

  2. Or maybe faux shark's teeth? Another favorite with little boys. Have fun making your QR code cum biz card!

  3. Would you use wood to make faux shark teeth? Maybe sculpting clay! You always need to remember the little boys!

  4. I like these, I'm sure they will be great for Christmas!!

  5. One good way to make faux bear claws is a material called Friendly Plastic. You could even paint it with a 'wash' to make it look more realistic and use a dremel to sculpt