Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Bear

Looking at Joanne's bears the other day at made me get out my recently purchased mohair. She makes beautiful realistic bears that have just won awards. I tend to like realist art but when it comes to bears I especially like reproductions of old teddy bears. Joanne makes these too.

I've determined that this bear will be a girl. I've already started knitting her a dress. I hope she doesn't tell me later that she's a boy!

I also decided to stuff her with llama fiber. Poly-fil is great, you can needle felt into it but it's squishy. Fine wood shavings are great (excelsior) but it's hard. I wanted something that would give an old fashioned feel, be easily needle felted and have a wonderful musty smell. Sheep wool or llama is perfect for this. I had a large amount of llama, in fact just enough!

I was able to machine sew everything but I always hand sew the foot pads.

Here's the llama fiber, I got it from my friend Londa at we're Trade-A-Holics buddies!


  1. Oh this bear is very beautiful. I can see it already. I do love traditional teddies.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad this one is happy to be a girl. Your traditional teddy bears are gorgeous and my favorite of any out there!

  3. shaping up to have quite a personality!