Monday, September 26, 2011

Making a Skateboard Mold

Daniel and Gilbert were wondering how they could make a skateboard. They knew it took 7 layers of veneer wood that had to be molded into the right shape.

Now, for as many hours as they both spend on the internet do you think either one thought to do some research? Mom, to the rescue, I found a great site that had plans and explained what to do.

Here is the site:

It was exactly what they had wanted, a mold to glue up your skateboard veneer.

The site had templates that you could glue directly onto your wood. He will be shaping these pieces once he has them all cut. Stay tuned!


  1. So everyone is creative in your family!!!
    This looks so cool!

  2. hey i'm just trying to get the dimensions of this mold could you please tell me it would be really awesome but i want the dimensions in cm or m :D

  3. Since I'm not fluent in the metric system all I can do is direct you back to the skateboard mold site and this online conversion site

    I hope that helps. My son just tested our latest board, don't forget the padding between the mold and the veneers!

  4. can you tell me how you shaped the particular planks? with this plan i just know the plank zero...

    1. After we cut them out with a jig saw, I used a belt sander and pad sander to shape them.

      Nachdem wir sie schneiden mit einer Stichsäge, benutzte ich einen Bandschleifer und Schwingschleifer, sie zu gestalten.