Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Can You Do?

Yesterday I watched a movie trailer that scared me to death. It was about family farms and what can happen to them because of their belief in natural food. I'm not a natural food freak but I do appreciate real things, doing things yourself and freedom to choose good things. The below video should scare you too. Below that is the link that tells you what you can do if it indeed bothered you. I apologize for sounding preachy but I felt lead to share this.

A late addition to this post, I read the Summer Tomato's blog as seen in my blog list. She's the one I trust for food related information. I'm including a letter I sent to her and her response to this movie.

My letter:

I'm sure you saw the trailer Farmageddon which is at:

The Nourished Kitchen published a post about it today. I wanted your thoughts because I trust you and if it's as real as it looks, what should I as a citizen do about it.



Her response:

Hi Karen,

I watched the trailer and to me it looks like a combination of truth and propaganda. Yes, the government does a lot of bad things that hurt small farmers. On the other hand, raw milk has been linked to a lot of dangerous food poisonings and regulation is important. My advice to you as a consumer is to vote with your fork. If you feel strongly that you want to have real, local, seasonal foods available then make sure those are the foods you're eating on a daily basis.

Thanks for writing,


As usual wise advise.

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