Friday, June 10, 2011

Mind Your Materials

I've gotten away without making something for Gilbert for a while but he's noticed all the new materials laying around.

Soft pellets and different types of stuffing materials have caught his eye. He wants me to make him a t-shirt pillow with my extra fiber-fill. When is fiber-fill extra in a craft room? Oh and by the way, I will make him sit at the sewing machine and sew his own pillow!!!

I knew I'd share the soft pellets I ordered with him. He's always hoping for a new hacky sack. I'm not thrilled with the results I got with the soft pellets for my project though. I wanted them to put in the feet of my stuffed animals to add weight. They just felt bumpy and left a flex point where they sat next to the fiber-fill. If you have advice for me in this matter please let me know.

My new commission is coming along just fine. I'll post a picture later!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen, You are so lucky to have a kid that likes you to make stuff. My daughter could care less, or she doesn't like what I make.
    Soft pellets are not good for weight, they don't seem to have any. To weight feet you may want to use regular plastic pellets or small glass beads they sell at Cr's Crafts. I love soft pellets I use them all the time but in the bear's bellies.