Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crocheted Wire Jewelry

As you know, I check out The Beading Gem's Journal every day. She shares the entire world of jewelry with her readers.

Today's post was How to Crochet Wire Rings. I was intrigued!

I talk to my sister most mornings, so while we were talking I played around with my crochet hook and some 28 gauge steel wire. This is wire you can find in the hardware store.

I first attempted some wire crochet with 28 gauge craft store wire but it wasn't strong enough.  As soon as it broke I moved onto the hardware steel and never had a problem.

The heart is in single crochet. Chain 3 with 2 stitches back and forth. Sew ends together at the top while it lays flat forming a circle. To make the heart shape I sewed some of the top stitches from across both sides of the seam to force them together. The bottom was forced into the point. Use a pair of flat nosed pliers to flatten the entire piece.

The second is a granny square, say no more!

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  1. I love those leaves! And you know how I feel about the granny square...