Friday, December 31, 2010

I Forgot

I told myself I'd do a special post for my 1 year anniversary of karenmakesstuff, well that was yesterday. I will take advantage of your attention now though, 1 day late. When I started this blog my message was, let's see what happens. What has happened?

First 3 Bears

My First Pattern
The blog started with teddy bears. I found a couple patterns and went to work. A tutorial on making a jointed teddy bear, start to finish and using locally acquired materials. Then making a teddy bear sweater. I was happy to finally create my own pattern of a kitty which I need to continue work on in the future.

Very Rustic Start

Cooper Rings

It went from stuffed animal making to jewelry making. The realization that I could twist my own wire and beads into chains was thrilling. I really enjoyed making the tutorial on copper wire rings. I even had a wonderful person, come to my home, who shared her copper jewelry skills with me.

Gold Finch Bracelet
I wanted to create my own jewelry statement after getting the taste for jewelry making, which led me to my bird bracelets. I still think that they were a cool idea but they didn't really take off! Oh, that leads me to my decision to find an outlet for all my stuff.

Mr. Bunny Clothes
Karen's Amazing Crystal Huggies

I decided to join Etsy and set up a shop. I've met some really wonderful people and was given some really cool projects to do. I'm glad I did it.

Made in remembrance of mom mom Smith, the afghan you wear.
Another great thing I did, with the help of my crafty partner in crime, was to learn how to crochet. This is after I swore I'd never crochet. She got me a kit and on the way home from her house, on the train, I taught myself to single crochet a square. The world opened up. I had to learn to make granny squares!

Evolution of an Embellishment
Lastly though, I think my most successful endeavor came from an idea my sister gave me about embellishments.

What do I have planned for next year? I think I'm most comfortable working with yarn so I'll probably focus more on yarn projects. I'll always be up for something new thought. In fact me and the kids are gonna dabble in some needle felting as soon as I can get the two of them together at the same time. This year I'm not looking ahead with wonder but with purpose!

Thanks so much for stopping by karenmakesstuff. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, (I love suggestions!) don't hesitate. All the projects are within my blog which you can find by looking through my labels or searching my blog. It would have taken me all day to link the posts!

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  1. Keep it fun and wonderful things will happen