Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Jersey's Got'em

What a great day! Daniel and I snuck out today with awesome incentive. Having a car that works helps also. There was big news on Monday, Skimmers nesting in New Jersey. Why it took them this long to let us know I have no idea. We had to get there before they flew south.

They reside on a restricted beach between Long Port and Ocean City flying back and forth between the ocean and the bay.  I have a great tick in my bird book!

Now, as usual I didn't get one decent close up even though they flew right over our heads. (Remember the Eagle pictures?) Here's the link for the article, they have a nice close up of a Skimmer on the page.

I think it's time for commemorative bird jewelry! Oh, Daniel said I can have a new camera for Christmas/birthday, any suggestions???

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