Monday, May 17, 2010

A Very Special Guest

Remember the other week when I was twisting copper wire into beaded chain? Very amateur like but a good rustic attempt. Lois Linquist from A Beaded Affair found the post while surfing the web and had compassion on me. She is a teacher, seller and complete lover of making jewelry and she especially loves copper! We found out that we weren't far away from each other and she was willing to show me some techniques. I was very excited!

I asked Lois to show me how to wire wrap a stone. I thought that if she showed me this then most of my jewelry making questions would be answered along the way. Let me just say that watching someone with years of experience can help you skip past common errors in jewelry making.

Here Lois has put 5 square copper wires, side by side and has wrapped a 1/2 round wire in the center to place a stone on. Every step has a tool and technique which makes it work right.

There was a lot of measuring. The left has to look like the right.

A few simple bends and she had prongs to hold the stone in. My wow moment!

What was she going to do with the 10 wires left at the top???

Here she is making the bail with 2 of the wires. One of the wires she curled. She left the rest of the wires for me to curl, I hope I don't mess them up!

An unforgettable afternoon. I love to teach what I learn to others and I've found a kindred spirit in Lois, Thank you so much. Tomorrow I'll show you what I've been practicing.

You'll find Lois, her work and her jewelry community at:


  1. Next time you come up, I have a batch of cabachons we can set, that looks much more relaxing than trying to solder a bezel, and it's gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely couple of hours spent with a really nice lady. Karen, thank you for the kind words.

    Beautiful job on the coils. You certainly did them justice. Thanks for the plugs of course !!! Always appreciated.

    I suspect you are a natural with the patience and determination to learn. Give a holler when you are ready for more. As you guessed, I love teaching and like I said, "Mom's don't often get play dates."

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