Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Step On Me

Last week my husband was on vacation. We normally do a gardening project, go to a plant nursery and visit a local nature park of some sort. The plant nursery is a dangerous place for us to go because we love plants!

We have a slate patio that we put in a couple years ago, mom helped too. We had some larger spaces between a few of the slates we thought would look nice with plants in between. The patio is right out the back door so it takes lots of traffic. Daniel suggested grass and that's what we've had there until now! (I never did like the grass.)

These plants take foot traffic.

And are so cool.

This little cutie is for me. No one's allowed to step on her.

Our park of choice was Heinz again. We wanted to see if we could catch a glimpse of those eaglets. No eaglets but we did have one of the parents fly right over our heads again. Oh yeah, I did bring my camera, followed it as it went over head. No pictures though.

I'll take a picture of the patio when I know the plants are acclimated.

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  1. Any of those beauties evergreen? Will your mom come and help us put in a slate terracey-thing?