Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shadow Box

Killer allergy attack!!! But I though I'd post something old but useful while I can still keep my head up. I sound pathetic don't I.

This shadow box I made for my sister. I'm the one that had kids so I wound up with whatever baby stuff was still around. My mom didn't save much but her family knitted quite a lot when my daughter was born. Anyway long story short I wanted my sister to have something so I made her this.

The picture inside is actually a doll. I printed the image on printable fabric which I ironed onto a light canvas. Leaving a seam I cut it out including another piece of canvas so that I had 2 exact pieces. One printed, one not. With right sides together I sewed the seam on the machine leaving an opening. I turned it right side, stuffed it lightly and hand sewed it completely.

So there is a dress inside that we both wore, cute stick-on letters spelling her name, the doll of herself wearing the dress and a little silver bracelet that we wore as babies.

What's funny now is she's a grandmom. Her husband came with ready made family. A new grand daughter was born last week!

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