Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bald Eagles

On the theme of thinking locally here in the Philadelphia area we have a wonderful resource for all your nature type needs. It's called John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. I can't remember how many years my family has been visiting Heinz but what a treasure.

My husband and I visited yesterday for a nice long walk. We knew that bald eagles visited the refuge a lot but nested in New Jersey. Well now they are nesting here, yippee!

This is mister or misses eagle flying over the impoundment.

The brown dot is their nest.

Sadly to say I desperately need photography lessons. There are a couple of brown specks in this photo but most of the pictures I took were of blue sky and branches when in fact I had an eagle flying right over my head only 30 feet up. Snap, snap, snap all blue sky and branches. So did I need to be thankful to have such a special siting of eagles or upset that I couldn't get one close picture. Healthy Karen says thankful.

Please visit the Heinz website at this link. They have beautiful pictures of the eagles and their chicks and if you're in the area you must visit the refuge. nest 2010 composite images & info Flattened 100dpi for website.jpg

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