Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Attic

I know, you shouldn't store anything you care about in the attic or basement. Just so you know though, my husband takes up the entire bedroom closet. I have to use the office closet for my clothes. Who doesn't use the attic or basement for storing stuff??? I'm done ranting now. My dollies weren't what I was after but that's what can happen when looking for something up there.

Above, both the dolls are wearing clothes that my Grandmom Smith made and they're laying on a blanket that my Grandmom Silk made. You want to talk about a maker, my Grandmom Smith was a true maker! I should really do a post on her one day. Every Sunday she'd have a craft set up for us to do and during the week she'd have been making herself clothes or us doll clothes. She'd go to a nursing home to do crafts with the elderly. I should save all that for the post. I wasn't so keen on the piano lessons though.

This is my mom's doll and I noticed that it's about time to get her restrung again. I wonder if I could figure it out myself this time? I guess you need one of those long hooky tools.

This is my Thumbelina.


  1. I didn't know your grannies made all that stuff! Clothes for your dolls, that's a good granny!

    That Thumbelina doll is not scary AT ALL.

    Bad Daniel, hogging the entire closet. That's supposed to be YOUR job.

  2. Thumbelina is a newborn, newborns are scary looking!

    As far as Daniel, letting him control one or two things in the house keeps him from wanting to control other things!