Friday, March 19, 2010

Terrariums and Beans

My carnivorous terrarium including volunteer mushroom.

If you'd like to start your own you'll need...

1. jar with lid
2. sphagnum moss
3. potting soil
4. small stones
5. charcoal
6. long pokey thing (chop sticks or tongs)

My first terrariums housed carnivorous plants. I then found that the sphagnum moss harbored fern spores and I'd end up with cool ferns. As you know my latest jar plant is an orchid. Be mindful of how big your plant will get and choose tropical types. Many people are enjoying moss gardens now a days so simply popping outside and grabbing a clump of moss would be fine. You may be wondering why you need charcoal for a terrarium, it's to sweeten the water. It keeps the water clean like a fish tank. Next week we'll put it all together. I wanted you to be able to gather your supplies.

The charcoal I buy is from the pharmacy. People use it to relieve gas. Which brings me to another project I'm working on. The perfect bean! I like beans, any sort and they are very healthy. For someone who's already restricted by a gluten free diet they are a good food source. Except, they are not a food I am able to eat. But over the years I've learned something about beans and that is if you sprout them they convert from a carb to a protein which is more digestible.

The process takes several days but I believe it's well worth it. Soak your beans (must be organic beans) for 1 and a half to 2 days, changing the water several times. After they soak, pour out almost all of the water and find a dark cupboard to put your beans in. Honestly I didn't bother covering them but you should cover your container with cheese cloth. Gently give your beans a swish in clean water occasionally and drain again. When you see little sprouts appearing your beans are ready to be cooked and used as you'd like. Happy Bean Eating!

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