Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keeping Busy In The Evening

Most evenings I've got some knitting project to do. The boys (the husband & son) take over the tv so I need something to do while I'm with them. The above picture is what I'm having fun with now.

I'm sure most of you are on some mailing list or other. Years ago I signed up on the Lion Brand Yarn site. Boy am I glad I did! They have lots of free crochet and knitting patterns using their yarns. The patterns come as PDF files so they're easy to download.

This scarf is called Brilliant Zig Zag Scarf #90308AD and it's a free pattern. It's knitted with a new yarn called "Amazing" which I still need to get my hands on. When you go to Lion Brand they need you to make an account. Except for the email announcements there is no hassle. They are at:

The scarf is simply a garter stitch with counted rows of increases and decreases. Nice and brainless in case something gets my attention on the tv!


  1. You could at least TRY to learn to love hockey.

  2. Doesn't loving someone that loves hockey count?