Friday, March 12, 2010

Bouquet For Dance

I am reminded of the woman who is serving her guests their meal and proceeds to tell them everything that is wrong with it. I believe I'll need to do a few more of these before I'd be comfortable doing them. My son told me what he'd like and these are the supplies I bought.

The feathers came from the craft store.

I used my glue gun to melt the glue holding everything together.

All feathers are separated. I'm only using the black ones.

I thought I only needed a dozen but next time I'm buying more.
White was not an easy color to find.

I used the regular feathers in the center and the ostrich feathers on the outside.

I secured the top and bottom with floral tape and cut the stems to length.

The wide white ribbon I bought was too white. I was then stuck with thinner black ribbon which I wrapped around double so there wouldn't be gaps. Two pearl white pins secure the ribbon. I never used the lace it wasn't necessary.

This is where I need to decide whether to be negative or positive. My perfectionist alarms are going off like crazy. If I listen to my alarms then I'll be running around like an idiot all day. It's a yucky day out so I think I'll turn the alarm off.

What I need to do is act like it's perfect so Gilbert will like it without question!!!


  1. He came home from school and said it was gorgeous. I'm a happy woman.

  2. It is gorgeous! He's lucky to have you for his mom! I'd have made them out of construction paper.

  3. You can put those leftover quail feathers in a hat, a home-made felt hat! Why aren't we making hats?