Thursday, February 4, 2010

Working With Longer Fur

Bunnies ears are pinned on and he's lookin good!

But on this post I'm gonna point out some of the things you'll need to be aware of when working with this type of fur or any longer fur you might use.

Check out these seams. A lot of fur is caught in the stitches but it doesn't have to stay that way.

Take a needle or seam ripper and gently pull that fur out. Start further away from the seam and then work towards it. You don't have to get every last hair out especially closest to the seam.

That looks much better.

This guy has already been named Celery. He will go to one of my girlfriends kids who I sent the material to. I understand they are planning on making hats for their bunnies. I hope they send a picture for us!

Anyway back to work.

#1 When cutting long fur material, only cut the backing and not the fur side.

#2 It's easier to sew in the direction the fur is going.

#3 You can trim or shave the fur within the seam allowance if it's thick.

#4 While sewing on the machine you can push the fur in the seam with a seam ripper as you go.

#5 When your parts are stuffed and jointed you can pull the fur out of the seams with a pin or seam ripper.

#6 If using slippery nylon backed fur, hand sew and use a ton of pins!!! (I'll get back to you about the interfacing)

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