Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pink Bear

OK, he's mauve. I keep talking about the brown bear but I ran out of #6-32 hardware. I have lots of #8-32 hardware so I needed to make a bigger bear. I just bought what I thought would be the perfect fur for this bigger bear. It had a stiffer, more cottony jersey knit backing that I thought would be easier to use.

As you can see that was not the case.

OK, don't give up yet! What do you do when even your seemingly better fabric twists on you?

My problem this time wasn't the fact that my backing was slippery, it was that the thicker fur was pushing the bottom piece. When I sewed the 2 pieces together the top piece might have a large seam and the bottom might wind up with a small seam, maybe even not catching at all. I tried ripping the bad seams out and trying again. It continued to happen.

Did I really want to sew this guy by hand? No, so think. Well, if I chose a more forgiving pattern with a simple thicker leg with less turns and curves and was really careful sewing...

Simple leg, less turns and curves and careful sewing on the machine did the trick. Remember I'm talking to you folks who are buying inexpensive fur material at your local fabric store. I'm assuming that when I'm ready to buy expensive mohair, which I'm looking forward to buying one day, that I won't have these problems.(sure) In the mean time I'll do what I can with what I can get my hands on.

Here's my mauve bear so far. I'm in the middle of joining him but you can see that my small compromise will not affect how cute he'll be.

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