Friday, January 22, 2010

Paw Options

Most bear patterns come with a piece for your paw pad.

Here's a time that I used it in felt.

The guy on the left has sewed on felt paw and foot pads.
The gal on the right has the same but with embroidered claws.
The girlie in the middle just has claws.

As you can see there are options. Personally I like claws. Look at these and decide for yourself which you like most.

If you like the look of a sewn on felt pad vs a pattern piece pad, you would simply sew it on the same way as a felt nose.

Below I've conjured up another demonstration. Yes, that is a bottle of clear nail polish that has nothing to do with making a teddy bear. It's just a prop holder upper. This is how, after much trial and error, I've learned to embroider claws.

At the end of the paw, going across the seam, start on the inside. We need to fit 4 claws across.

Next stitch goes in where we first went in, where we've left our end hanging.

Go in to make the second claw, going out to start the third.

Here you've just made the stitch for your fourth claw. Come out where you started and where your end is hanging.

Gently double knot.

Bring those loose ends through the arm. Hold the tension and cut close to the fabric. I won't say it, you already know.

Yes, you can see the knot here. Yours will have fur, it will look great!

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