Friday, January 15, 2010

All That Hand Sewing

I just have a one leg opening to go here, see my ladder? Once you get the hang of it the hardest part is holding it all together while you sew.

The last stitch and it gets knotted.

He's all ready for ears.

OK, we're doing the same thing but different for the ears. Let's see if I can explain.

I always start on a side going towards the back of the ear. Bring your knotted thread through from the inside of the ear to the outside.

Just like our ladder stitch before take a stitch into the head next to the ear.

Now back up into the back of the ear.

Straight across the back continue making a ladder.

Make sure your end here is stitched well and continue around to the front.

At this point it's easier to lay the ear back flat. You'll have easy access to the front edge of your ear and it will sew close to the back that way.

Stitch your opposite edge well, knot and pull through your bears head with a long needle. Hold the tension and cut close to the fabric. Your thread will disappear.

I'll have pictures of the actual bear having his ears sewed on next. I'll show you how to position them and hold them in place. I wanted to demonstrate the technique first!

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