Monday, January 18, 2010

Add a Temporary Nose

I cut out a piece of felt for a temporary nose and play for a while. I eventually find a look I like.

This is after I've spent some time in the fabric store pouring over all their buttons. Now you may have noticed in another department there are some screw together bear eyes. These are safety eyes for bears that you would give to young children. One of the reasons why I wouldn't use these eyes is that it makes such a big difference when the eyes are pulled into the face instead of simply laying on top. It gives the bear an expression. Besides there are so many cool buttons that do look like eyes. There's no reason you couldn't paint some of these buttons to have really unique eyes. I'm gonna try it!

But not this time, the buttons I'm using, I use a lot. This happens to be my last pair. The red ones were cute too.

Another note about buying buttons, if you find a style you like buy several sizes. What happens is you buy the bigger size thinking they would be perfect but you wind up needing the smaller size. You'd also do yourself a favor to start collecting the buttons you think would look good for eyes since each bear looks good in something different. This is an area that I invest in.

I'll show you how to sew them on tomorrow.

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